Running a business has always been hard, but in today’s global market it can be down-right challenging. With so many options it can feel our market is flooded and we have little chance of succeeding. How do you make yourself stand out where there are so many others just as good as you? With a Personal Brand Photography Session!

Personal brands are built on connections between the business owner and consumers. Customers are invited in to get to know the owner and have a reason to care about the brand and products/services. You can learn all about what a personal brand is in this post.

So, what are brand photos?

Brand photos are custom images taken for you that allow you to tell your story, connect with your audience and grow your business organically. Using a blend of lifestyle photography and posed images, you get to create a unique experience for your audience that will give them insights into your business. Some images ideas include:

  • headshots
  • your workspace & materials
  • you working with your products/clients
  • tools of your trade
  • behind-the-scenes of how you create your products/services

How do I use branding photos?

Branding photos can be used just about anywhere your audience is likely to come across your business. Use them to update your website and make it feel more personal. Post them on social media to give your audience a better idea of who you are why they want to work with/purchase from you. Put your face or products right on your business card. Include them in your email newsletters and blog posts. Your branding photos are there to create a professional and cohesive image of your business.

What are the benefits of having professional branding photos?

You get to tell your story. Your story is what connects your audience to your business. Everyone’s story is unique and being able to tell it in a way that draws your audience in is what will help them relate to you and want to support your business over another.

Sets you apart. Showing your audience what to expect when they work with you is great way to separate yourself from the crowd. Plus, when your audience feels like they know you, they become invested in making sure you’re successful. We want to buy from people we know, like and trust.

Brand recognition. Having custom, branded photos will make your brand more recognizable on social media, in search results, etc. When your audience seeing an image with your branding colors, product style or photograph aesthetic, they will automatically think of you.

Presents professional image. There’s no denying that having high-quality, consistent images gives your brand a more professional look and feel. Potential customers are more likely to choose your business when you present current images that match across platforms.

How often should I get branding photos taken?

The general guideline is to have branding photos done every 3-4 months, so they’re always current. Having branding photos done quarterly allows you to plan ahead for promotions, sales and holidays. Remember, personal brand photos can be used anywhere you talk to your audience, so having photos that reflect the seasons can really help your audience feel connected to you.

It’s best to plan your session 2-4 weeks before the next quarter starts, so you have time to receive the images and plan out your content. Sometimes, this can be tricky, especially of you’re working with physical seasons; fall photos may have to wait until October when the leave change. One way I deal with this, is to split a session up. For example: we can shoot indoor photos and flay lays in advance, then do a smaller session outdoors when the leaves have begun to fall. Not all brand photographers are willing or able to do this, so it’s best to ask in advance and have a create a plan so the outdoor half of the session is quick and easy for both of you.

Putting it all together

A personal brand photography session is the perfect way to help you connect with your audience and plan your content. By using your custom images on your website, social media, in emails and marketing materials, you get to tell your unique story, build trust and brand awareness with your audience, and getting used to seeing you, not just your products. Updating your images every 3-4 months gives your brand continuity and allows people to feel like they really are a part of your life.

Have questions about a personal brand photography session? Ready to update your photos? Shoot me an email at!

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