If you own a small business, chances are you’ve heard about brand photography. But what is brand photography and why would you need it? Let’s take a quick look at what brand photography is (and isn’t), who should consider using it and what it can do for your business.

What it is: Brand photography is basically how you relate your brand to potential clients. Let’s break this down a bit further. A brand photography session is customized to your business to match your style, mood, products and personality. So, a brand like IKEA would have bright, clean, simple images to show their brand, while Spencer’s would be more dark and edgy to communicate their brand to potential clients.

Who it’s for: Both service-based businesses and product-based businesses can use brand photography to communicate with their audience. Unless your business relies on complex concepts (like database management or pharmaceuticals), brand photography can work for you.

What it can do for your business: Aside from making your business look aesthetically pleasing, brand photography can bring out the human side of your business. People like to see who’s behind the products they’re buying and want to know about the person they’re thinking of hiring. This is where brand photography shines!

It’s not all about product photos or pictures of models using your product, brand photography is about who’s behind the product/service. Showing your face and telling your audience who they’re buying from and what they’re supporting is the best way to build trust with potential customers.

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Posted by:Amy Clark

Hey, sunshine! I’m a proud entrepreneurial mama with three kids and a hunky husband. I worship chocolate like a deity, drink homemade lattes like my life depends on it and think jeggings are one of the greatest inventions of the 21st Century. A photographer, educator + military spouse, my happiest days are spent helping creative-based small business owners reach their business goals. Have questions about photography, business or life with 3 littles?- feel free to email me! amy@amyclarkcreative.com

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