Do you have a hard time figuring out what to get for the moms in your life? Me too. Maybe it’s because moms tend to put everyone first, so their wants and needs are less noticeable to us. If the moms in your life are anything like mine—including my mom, mother-in-law, friends who are fellow mommas, and myself—you’ve probably heard the phrase “oh, you don’t have to get me anything” waaaayyy too many times. It never fails; whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s day, or a new baby, we moms break out that ol’ phrase and frustrate the crap out of the person asking.

Well, today, I’m breaking the mom code. I will share my top gift ideas, those I’ve received, given, and even a few on my wish list. These ideas vary in size and expense, so you’ll be sure to find something that will suit the mom you’re shopping for, no matter your budget. So let’s get this doting love feast started!

Gifts That Pamper

I’m not a huge bath taker since we only have one tub in the house now and it’s usually filled I’m not a huge bath taker since we only have one tub in the house now, and it’s usually filled with Barbies, but I still love a good pampering gift now and then. One of my favorite go-to gifts is goat milk soap from North Whidbey Farm. Made from their herd of goats in Oak Harbor, WA, this farm has been worked by the same family for five generations, with the 6th currently growing up on the farm. I recommend the fleur + minty lavender soaps and the fleur body lotion. Bonus: If you’re local to the area, they host baby goat cuddle days during the spring and summer!

For those who are bath takers, Primally Pure has the most fantastic bath salts (I recommend getting The Spa Kit with blue tansy body oil). If you want something with more humor, I recommend the bath bombs from Malicious Women Candle Co. They also have a bath salt + tea light set for under $20 called Get Naked & Accept The Crazy. My kids each got me one for Yule a few years ago.

For the Type-A mommas

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a Type-A personality: I like organization, and cleaning is my go-to stress buster. As a mom of 3 young kids, I know that keeping the house tidy is an endless task. Luckily, I have a few tools that make it much easier to keep the chores at bay while I do #allthethings. One of my all-time favorite gifts is my Bissell Symphony steam mop. I got this when I was pregnant with our 3rd, and it’s been an enormous time—and back—saver; plus, it’s light enough for my ‘tween to use.

Two of my other favorite gifts are a bit higher priced, but well definitely worth it! The first is my Roomba because she (we named her Rosie) keeps the dog hair, dirt and crumbs under control

Two of my other favorite gifts are higher priced but worth it! The first is my Roomba because she (we named her Rosie) keeps the dog hair, dirt, and crumbs under control with minimal effort. We have a Newfoundland, so the dog hair is real in my house. I clean the brushes every other week, and I have her programmed to run during the week while I do school drop off. I also LOVE my Dyson Cyclone V10; it’s perfect for the small amount of carpet we have in base housing and lasts long enough for me to vacuum the whole house. The boost mode is excellent on dog hair, and it’s definitely worth the investment.

I currently have this coffee warmer on my wish list for my home office.

Twists on Tradition

When was the last time you received a bouquet, and it looked pretty for more than a month? Probably never, right? I’m a huge plant lover, but receiving bouquets makes me sad because I know I’ll have to throw them out pretty quickly. Over the last year or so, I’ve given low-maintenance live plants instead. These gifts last longer and can help clean the air, which is a win. There are two main tricks here: 1) make sure the plants are low-maintenance and easy to grow, and 2) try to get them from a local nursery to help support small businesses and ensure the plant is healthy. My top recommendations are Jade Pothos, Rubber Trees, Spider Plants, Snake Plants, Money Trees, and ZZ Plants.

Want something a little sweeter? Grab a box of Mouth Party Caramels for mom to stash in her top drawer (or wherever she keeps the good stuff she doesn’t want to share) for when she needs a boost. I’ve sent these to friends as “just because” gifts, and they are always a huge hit. My fave is the OMG! Flavor.

For Laughs

You know those gifts that lift the spirit and make your whole week better? I think we all need a few more of those. My go-to for pick-me-up gifts is Malicious Women Candle Company. Their candles smell amazing, and the smart-ass labels make them so much more fun than something you find at a big box store. They have a candle for every occasion! Some of my favorites include:

  • Congrats On Being In Charge Of A Tiny Human, Infused with: Sleep Deprivation
  • Mother F’n Homeowners, Infused with: Debt, Yardwork & DIY Fails
  • Engaged AF, Infused with: The Same Cyclical Argument Forever…
  • Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History, Infused with: Outrage & Action
  • You’re, Like, Really Hard. (To Shop For), Infused with: Innuendo and Truth

One of my favorite “mom books” is I Heart My Little A-Holes by Karen Alpert. Okay, I know how that sounds, so let me explain here. I read this book when I was pregnant with Siggy, our second baby. Anora was almost two and I, being super pregnant and dealing with my already horrible anxiety, was a mess of nerves. Reading this book helped me see that it’s okay to laugh at yourself and have moments of less-than-awesome parenting. Heck, it’s even okay to not particularly want to be around your child(ren) on occasion. This book helped me see that I wasn’t failing and that random crap happens in parenting and that you have to do your best to roll with it.

GIFTS SHE’s sure to use—and show off

I’m a huge lover of personalized gifts. All Washed Up Jewelry makes beautiful personalized necklaces of all types. Imagine receiving a custom necklace with your children’s names or the coordinates of where you met your partner. All Washed Up also has beautiful stamped necklaces and bracelets and rings and earrings, all at great prices.

Want something your momma can use anytime? Check out these awesome weighed blankets from Bearaby. I’ve wanted a weighted blanket for a while, both for anxiety relief and to help with improving sleep. All the blankets I saw were huge and filled with beads (cue images of cleaning up/stepping on thousands of tiny beads if the blanket rips). Then, a find of mine posted about her Bearaby blanket on Instagram. I…was…smitten! The blankets are made entirely of sustainable materials and don’t use any plastic fillers; instead, they look like chunky-knit blankets and are totally couch-worthy. They even have a travel size with a duffel bag—perfect for moms who travel often.


No one wants to think their gift will be a flop. I’m not gonna lie; I probably really overthink the gifts I choose for that exact reason. I’m sure I’m not the only one worried they will give something that will take up space because the momma I’m giving it to feels obligated to keep it. When all else fails, I go for the gift cards. Look, I know they get a bad wrap, but as a momma who can be overwhelmed and a bit picky, gift cards are where it’s at.

If you decide to go the gift card route, get specific; giving a gift card for a specific brand or store is a great idea, especially if she’s susceptible to mom guilt. One year for my friend Tori’s birthday, I sent her a gift card to one of our favorite clothing stores that only sells women’s clothes. I knew that giving her that gift card won’t allow her to spend the money on anyone else, which she was likely to do with a Target or Amazon gift card. Be sure to take their tastes and needs into account. If you know a momma is going through a tough time, Visa gift cards and ones for big box stores could be a lifeline without the guilt of asking for money. You can even write something like “candy bar mandatory” on the card to remind momma that she still deserves something nice.


No matter what occasion or the type of mom you’re shopping for, if your gift is heartfelt + meaningful, it will be perfect. For some, that gift could be as simple as a cheeky candle and some bath salts; for others, it may be a Roomba that makes their lives—and chores—easier. While she may love a custom necklace, a gift card that allows her to update her wardrobe and do something just for her may also serve her well. The important thing is to meet your momma where she’s at and consider her wants + needs. Chocolate never hurts either.

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