You’ve entered the world of marketing and now you have to figure out where to even begin. I’ve been there, friend! Marketing is such a broad topic it can be overwhelming to consider all the possibilities and where to jump in. Well friend, you’re in luck! Here are my 5 tips for beginning marketers.

#1 Find your target audience. These are the people who have been waiting their whole lives to buy your product/service. This is where you want to get super specific and niche down as much as you can; get granular about who you will be talking to. Think of this as one specific person you are selling to, not a whole crowd. As the saying goes, “if you’re selling to everyone, you’ll sell to no one,” so be specific about your target audience and narrow it down until you feel that pull in your gut (which may feel like nausea).

#2 Define your differences. The best way to market your product/service is to figure out what makes it different from all the other choices consumers have and tell everyone. To be marketable is to be remarkable, meaning you have to give people something to talk about. Do you make the pointiest point toe shoes ever? Do you offer faster deliver or lower prices or a bigger bow? Defining what makes your business different is how you stand out in a sea in ordinary and blase.

#3 Always act ethically. Marketing can bring out the best and the worst in people. Ensuring that you are creating campaigns that are ethical, respectful and truthful is essential to creating a honest, trusting relationship with your customers. According to the American Marketing Association’s Code of Conduct marketers should strive to represent 6 core values: honesty, responsibility, fairness, respect, transparency and citizenship (American Marketing Association, 2020). Without these core values in place, consumers would start to distrust our marketing campaigns and would therefore not want to purchase the products and services they see in advertisements.

#4 Create SMART goals. To ensure your business is moving forward and growing, you’ll need to know exactly what that growth looks like. Setting SMART goals, which I go over in-depth in this post will help you figure out what you’re starting and where you’re going so you can see more clearly how you’ll get there.

#5 Think outside the box. It can be so easy to follow what everyone is doing, especially when we’re first starting out. When you look at what others are doing, try to find the holes; figure out what they’re not doing that could work for you. Is there a new platform you can use that most others aren’t? Is there a medium you just don’t usually see combined with your market that can set you apart from the crowd? Figure out where your target audience is hanging out and how you get to them there that’s different from others in your field. Be creative and unique. If everyone else is rocking neural colors, throw some bright colors in your advertisements. Be the Elton in a sea of Sinatra.

I know you have so much to offer the offer the world, friend! I’m so glad you’re here and you have the courage to step out there and show the world how awesome you are. I’m always here to answer your questions, just drop them in the comments.

Happy marketing!

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